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BBQ for everyone.

Or any of our great barbecue items. That's why we cater at Vitek's. And we do it only like Vitek's can. Order off our menu or we'll customize any catering order just for your group or occasion. Just let us know if you want to pick it up, let us deliver it to any location or if you'd like to hold your event here. 


We'll prepare your food for your event and you just c'mon in and pick it up from our location.


We'll prepare your meal, deliver it to your location and set everything up for you. 

Full-Service On-Site: 

This is a lot like Pick-up, but once we prepare it, you can stay and we'll serve right here in our dining room for 1½ hours.  

All caterings include: pickles, onions, peppers, fresh bread, "our" BBQ sauce, plates, plastic cutlery & napkins.

Choose from our variety of signature Meats & Sides on our menu or try our delicious Appetizers, Sliders & Desserts. We also make deli-style sandwich trays and meat & cheese trays. Drinks can include sweet or unsweet tea, lemonade, sodas and bottled water.

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